Repeat Prescription Ordering

Patients who receive items on a repeat prescription MUST order them directly from us and not from their chemist, except in exceptional circumstance. 

All repeat prescriptions will automatically go to your nominated chemist.  For any urgent on-the-day prescriptions the GP may organise collection at the surgery.

You are able to order your repeat prescriptions via our 24 hour repeat prescribing line (028 9260 4341) or online via Patient Access to which you will need special codes - please speak to a member of our Reception team for details.

Repeat prescriptions will  be ready from your allocated chemist 3 clear working days from when you order. 

Online Repeat Prescription Ordering System

For security reasons, every patient ordering repeat prescriptions online are asked to sign for and collect their login and password details from the Practice.  This is a one-off arrangement and once signed up to the new system, it should be straightforward for you to order your repeat prescriptions online. If you wish to use the online repeat prescription ordering service, please contact Reception.

Click here to order your prescription if you have a new login.

If you change your mind or wish to change the chemist you use at a later date, please contact Reception.

If you are experiencing problems accessing Patient Access, please contact the Practice for new access codes.

Faxing Prescriptions

The Practice adheres to Department of Health prescribing guidance in relation to faxing prescriptions which confirms it is only in exceptional circumstances that faxing a prescription is permissible.

Lost and Early Prescription Policy

Lost Prescriptions

The Practice has been directed by the Department of Health to reduce our prescribing of Controlled and pain relief medication.    

From time to time prescriptions will become lost and there may be genuine reasons for this.  However in order to minimise the potential for abuse of certain drugs and to minimise these occurrences, the Practice will apply the following procedure if a prescription appears to be 'lost':

  1. The patient will be asked to complete a Lost Prescription Statement, giving details of the prescription/medication lost.  Copies of the Lost Prescription Statement are available at Reception.
  2. Someone requesting a replacement for a lost prescription must speak to a doctor directly.
  3. Only the doctor will initiate a replacement prescription and only if this is deemed appropriate.
  4. The occurrence of a lost prescription and the circumstances will be recorded in the patient's computer record by the doctor issuing the replacement prescription.
  5. The trigger point for taking further action in an individual case is 2 lost prescriptions within any six month period.
  6. In cases where there has been 2 lost prescriptions within a six month period, the patient will be invited to attend the surgery to see a doctor.  Consideration at this stage will then be given to commencing weekly dispensing for this patient.
  7. For individuals who, after warnings and weekly dispensing orders etc, continue to report lost scripts/medications etc, consideration will be given to removal from the Practice list.

Early Prescription Requests

Early requests of prescriptions will be dealt with as a lost prescription.  Such requests must be accompanied by clear evidence of travel arrangements when additional medication will be required.  This could include flight or travel documentation and must be printed for review by a GP.


The Practice Pharmacist will be responsible for monitoring of lost prescriptions and the findings will be reported at monthly Practice meetings.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.